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Call Transfering

If you recieve a call on a device registered to the Zero-Nine server, you may transfer the call by pressing the # key. When you hear the message, then dial any number you wish. To transfer to another extension, you must dial the full zero-nine number.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms can be created just like an extension and can be dialed like any other extension. To create a conference, you must give it an extension number and a four digit pin to secure access to the conference. You may also wish to give the room a name in order to easily identify its purpose. You may also point a DID to the conference in order to allow access from outside into the conference.


Get a new Extension To get a new extension, there is a form at the bottom of the page "Extension Settings", simply put a password in the field and click on submit. The next extension in the rotation will be assigned to you.


You may choose to buy a DID to use on another network like Voipstunt or Mexicobarrato that do not offer DIDs for their customers. The Cost of a DID is about $1.30 for a USA or Canadian DID. It will also cost about $.011 per minute to receive calls. You can point your DID to your SIP URI. Example of a SIP URI is yourusername@voipprovider.com.

Extensions The Extension ID is what is used to register your SIP phone to. Users can dial this number directly by dialing the prefix "0059". When assigned, your internal extension number will be the same. The intenal extension number is what you dial from any of your other extensions whithout any prefixes. You may change the intenal extension number by filling in the Edit Extension Form at the bottom of the Extension Settings page. Users who are not on your account can then dial your internal extension by prefixing it with 02479. Remember no prefix is needed when dialing your intenal extension numbers from your other extensions.

Virtual Extensions Virtual extensions are numbers you dial to things other than a specific phone. Currently there are the following features available with virtual extensions; Voicemail box, Ring Groups, IVRs and Speed Dialing. Each of thes virtual extensions can be created in there respective tabs. Virtual extension can be used like any normal extensions such as pointing DIDs to them, dialing them directly from other extensions and including them in IVRs or Ring Groups.


Voicemail Settings Voicemail settings can be found in the Voicemail Settings tab. The mailbox will be the same as the internal extension number, this can only be changed by changing the internal extension number. The password is a four digit PIN, and the email is where voicemail attachments are sent. The PIN can be set via the Internet Interface or by accessing the voicemail by dialing 99 from your extension. Email may only be changed by using the form on the Voicemail settings page.

Turning off Voicemail To turn off voicemail for an extension, simply delete the mailbox, this will not delete any recordings or voicemail in the box but simply make the box unavailable until recreated when the recordings and voicemail left in the box will again be available.

Accessing voicemailYou can access your voicemail by dialing 99 from any of your phones. If you wish to give access from outside, you may purchase a phone number and point it to 0247999. At the prompt, enter the mailbox # and then the four digit PIN.


Prior to setting up your IVR, you should map out your options and destinations. Once you map out your IVR, make all your recordings in the recording section. After your recordings are complete you may create your IVR in the IVR section. Give it a name, names should not have spaces or special characters, give it an extention number (NOT your incomming number), this number should be similar to your extention numbers but not conflicting with any current extention number, then select an extention that rings for each option. If you want an option to go to a secondary IVR, that IVR should be created first. When creating an IVR tree, work backwards creating the last possible IVR first and the primary IVR last. Once your IVR tree is built, you may point your incomming DID to the primary IVR. Example, if you assigned your IVR 50 to dial into the IVR, point your DID to 0247950.

Ring Groups

Ring Groups are to be dialied just as you would any other extension and can not be assigned a number that conflicts another of your internal extension numbers. When setting up a ring group, give it a name so you remember its purpose, then give it a number to be dialed for accessing the ring group, then place each extension you wish it to ring seperated by a coma (These are the actual extension numbers, not your internal numbers) then put in the mailbox number to accept any unanswerd calls. Once sumitted your ring group should work and be listed in the Ring Groups page.

Dialing a Ring Group You may dial the ring group by dialing the number you assigned it when creating it, to review this number it will be listed in the Ring Groups page. You may also assign a phone number to ring your group by pointing any of your phone numbers to it by prefixing it with 02479. Example, if you assigned the Ring Group named Sales the number 50, you may point your incomming number to 0247950.

Server information

Server is zero-nine.biz
For Zoiper use
user id is the extension number, (Not your custom internal number)
password is the sip password for that extension, look at extension settings for sip passwords.

For Trunk users, your user name is your Zero-Nine number that starts with a 0 and ends in 9
Your password is the Trunk Password

Setting up Asterisk to use Zero-Nine

Please adjust as needed to suit your server

in sip.conf
context=incoming (or other context where you want calls comming from Zero-Nine to be handled)
defaultuser=0xxx9 (replace the xxx with the appropriate numbers)
fromuser=0xxx9 (replace the xxx with the appropriate numbers)

in extentions.conf
exten => _x.,1,Dial(sip/${EXTEN})

exten => _0x.,1,Dial(sip/zero/${EXTEN})
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/zero/${EXTEN})
exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/zero/${EXTEN})

Virtual Office

At Zero Nine you can use your cell phone or home phone along with those of your out of office staff by connecting them by virtual extensions that are reachable by IVRs, internal extension numbers and voip callers. There is no longer a need to have special equipment. Just add each person to your contact list, create a speed dial number for them and then you can connect them to your IVR or call them just like any other extension on your pbx. You can also use your Speed Dial contacts to connect buisness phone numbers to all while they continue to keep their private Cell Phone number. Not only does this allow them to maintain privacy, but also it protects you as the business owner when employeses leve by assuring customers continue calling your numbers.

PSTN Numbers

PSTN Numbers
are numbers reachable from standard phones and cell phones. Whithout them your phones whould not have much value. You can through our atoumated system purchace a number from any area code in the US or Canada. Numbers purchased on our automated system are activated in real time. Once you purchase the number you will need to point it to the proper extension or ring group. You can point you number to your extensions by prefixing them with 02479 followed by the intenal extension number or by simply pointing them to the actual extension number (no prefix needed). PSTN numbers may also be forwarded to external PSTN numbers such as your Cell phone.

Zero-Nine welcomes its costomers to use any DID they own. Simply point your did to 0059XXX@zero-nine.biz (XXX is replaced by your extension number). Numbers from Rent a number are a good source.

Zero-Nine also offers DIDs from most rate centers in the US and canada for a very reasonable fee. For foreign numbers please call 855 550 0005 or email us at info@zero-nine.biz.

UCP User Control Panel

The User Control Panel gives your employes or oginization members control over their own phone without hasseling the administrator or giving them access to your main account. To set up a user on the control panel, make sure they have a mailbox set up. In order to log into the panel they must use their full Zero-Nine number and voicemail password. From there they can send faxes, manage how the DIDs you assign them are routed, check their voicemail, set up phone appointments as well as many new and coming features. Please use the primary account panel to assign DIDs and permissions.

DID forwarding
If you use another provider for your SIP phone and want your Zero-Nine number to ring it, you mar set it to ring any extension on the Sipbroker network. Simply point your number in this format *10689148

Dialing into the Zero-nine Network without registration.

The Zero-Nine network is designed to connect users of multiple Asterisk based systems as well as other technologies together at the lowest possible cost. We therfore with this phylosophy have designed channels for which administrators or callers may call any extension hooked up to the system without registration. This allows users to get DID numbers from various providers and simply point them to their full Zero-Nine number @zer-nine.biz.

An example Dial Plan in asterisk...

exten => _0x.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@zero-nine.biz)

Make sure that your international calls are handled prior to the Zero-Nine calls unless you are registered to the Zero-Nine network or the call will be rejected.
In order to recieve calls from the network, please request an account, for an asterisk or PBX system you will want a Trunk account, for SIP based phones you will want a hosted account. Please see Server Information above for configuration information.


To dial the Sipbroker network simply dial the * followed by the code and user number. If you can not dial a "*" dial 0159 followed by the sipbroker code and then the user number. To recieve calls on the Sipbroker network, your party can dial *10689 followed by your zero-nine number.

Dialing Toll Free Numbers

To dial toll free numbers in the USA or Canada, dial in format 18XXXXXXXXX or 8XXXXXXXXX, To dial UK toll free numbers dial 011448XXXXXXXX.


Inum is an international country code free to dial from many countries and phone providers, both traditional and VOIP. It is reached by dialing 011883XXXXXX. Zero-Nine also allows dialing INUM numbers without the 011 first.

If you have an INUM number you may point it to your zero-nine number@zer-nine.biz or by emailing us your account user name and Inum number we can allow you set your Inum number settings from your zero-nine portal. Once we set your number up on your portal, all you need to do then is point it to your Inum number@zero-nine.biz. This allows you to easily change rather the number rings an extension or outside pstn number from your Zero-Nine portal.

Turn your SIP URI into a Zero-nine.biz number

You can turn any SIP URI into a zero-nine.biz number by going to the directory and clicking on "zero-nine Sip addresses". Once there fill in the simple form and you now have a zero-nine.biz number reacable from any network connected to Zero-nine.biz or Sipbroker.

855 550 0005