Zero-Nine Enum service

This services is accesable to all voip users. The benefit of incorporating an enum service into your VOIP application is the cost savings by routing calls peer to peer and cutting out the phone company in the middle.

You may quary our server to inquire rather a number is associated with a SIP URI by . If a record is found, a SIP URI will be returned. An example is the following

Numbers should be sent with with the preceding 1 for North American numbers and 011 for all international numbers.

Sample php script using phpagi

#!/usr/bin/php -q
$agivars = array();
while (!feof(STDIN)) {
$agivar = trim(fgets(STDIN));
if ($agivar === '') {
else { $agivar = explode(':', $agivar);
$agivars[$agivar[0]] = trim($agivar[1]);
$file=file_get_contents("" . $number);
if($file != "no record") {
fwrite(STDOUT, "exec Dial SIP/$file \n");

Any number that returns "no record" should be handled via your normal call route.

In order to participate in adding SIP URIs you must be a registered user. Accounts are free and give you access to many VOIP services at no charge.

The server also accepts anonymous calls to the Zero-Nine network, the SipBroker network, Callcentric, INUM and USA, Canadian and UK toll free numbers.

For VOIP users that have non numeric SIP accounts that do not have an incomming DID can get a numeric Zero-Nine number that points to their VOIP account on other networks. Zero-Nine's sipbroker number is *10689. To get a numeric Zero-Nine number for your SIP URI click here.